Why Bulk Sms Service ?
When Talking about to new potential customers or Making awareness of any Product or Service of any Business,
we are always asked what are the benefits of using a Bulk SMS as opposed to the many other tools of marketing
that exist.However we recently decided to perform a poll,on a sample of our existing customers,to get it straight 
from them what they felt were the main benefits. Here are the results...

1.Open Ratio...
90% of all SMS messages are opened and read by the recipients,and on average within Ten seconds.
That alone sounds impressive but If You want to Know the Bulk Emails Open Ratio,that is 20 % That too in 48 Hours.
So if you want to make sure that your message is seen by the highest percentage of people in your
marketing database - choose SMS every time.

2. Speedy,Flexible and Instant Responsive...
In the modern Digital Business world,Speed and flexibility is the key to Success.
With the virtual zero lead time in bulk SMS marketing,campaigns can be conceived of and delivered to their target
audience in a matter of minutes.And allows businesses to immediately respond to 
the events of the day or to a competitor’s promotions almost instantaneously.

3. Low Cost with High ROI...
Newspaper ads,TV commercials and almost all forms of outdoor advertising are cost prohibitive for most small to 
medium sized businesses.Bulk SMS marketing on the other hand has such low set up and running costs that campaigns 
can be launched and executed for a tiny fraction of costs associated with the more traditional marketing methods.
With this cost effectiveness and high return in investment, bulk SMS marketing is an almost essential marketing 
tool for any modern SME.We described only few bullet points about Bulk Sms Marketing apart from above there are an number
of benefits You can self realise if you check all the marketing tools You will find that This the the Best and Instant 
responcive tool ever.

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